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About Us

The Zasta Company was founded with a mission to bring unique brands and local stores to folks online and around the world. 


We wholeheartedly believe it is these small businesses who bring life and diversity to our communities. We believe customers do like to support small business, but the convenience of shopping online or from an intuitive app is too powerful for any one small business to overcome, leading to their customers settling for something less than the best. Finally, we believe in the offerings small businesses and brands display, and know that if those offerings were put in front of the right people at the right time, they’d be able to delight customers more than any other store out there.

That's why.

That's why we're combining the best of the world's small business community into one place online. Zasta is where visitors can search, discover, and shop anything from unique finds to traditional goods and services from the loveliest shops around.

So, come on in.

When you shop Zasta, you enjoy the perks of shopping small, with the convenience of delivery right to your door. The service, the stories of the founders, the warm smiles, the needle-in-a-haystack type finds are all here, waiting for you to stop by.

See ya around